Why I Chose My Lead System PRO

MyLeadSystemPRO to the rescue

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to supplement my company pension.  Since I was a computer geek, I turned to the Internet for part time work.   I read numerous articles on how to blog and use some sort of click advertising.  While searching the Internet I stumbled across several promising multi level marketing (MLM) businesses.  For me, it seemed the only way to go, as my success with click advertising was going nowhere.

I joined an MLM

Yachts on seaI joined a familiar brand name MLM company and thought that within a few weeks I’d be able to pay back the sign up costs.  Soon, I’d be on my way to a new car, exotic vacations, and maybe a new home.  I attended all the webinars, bought business cards and DVD’s to pass out, paid for monthly auto-ships, and of course went to the company conventions.  I burned up my warm market (my family and friends) right off the bat.  They started to avoid me.  Almost one year later my success was again going nowhere.  Does this sound familiar?

Home meetings not for me

Now, there were things that I was not doing that might have made a difference.  Many successful marketers were doing in-home meetings, and group presentations at local hotels and coffee houses.  Here’s the bottom line, that kind of marketing is just not me.  I’m a computer geek.  I have only a handful of very favorite friends and I rarely go to social events.  I was finally ready to give up.  This networking marketing thing was just not going to work for me.   Perhaps I’d be better off writing e-books on subjects like how to backup a hard drive.

Just when I was contemplating quiting my MLM business, I stumbled across MyLeadSystemPro.  OK, you’re going to be thinking he’s going to jump from one MLM to another.  Maybe this one claims to be better than all the others.  On the contrary, MyLeadSystemPro is not an MLM.  It is a blueprint training system to help supercharge your MLM using the power of the Internet.

Let me make clear it was not the MLM business that was the problem of my poor success, it was me.  I’m still in MLM, and I’m now on my way to success.   MyLeadSystemPRO is now giving me the one thing that was missing, which is a complete packaged system for Internet marketing.  It compliments your regular MLM marketing strategies.  It does not replace it.  However, with the Internet I can reach thousands of people 24/7 and can forget about passing out my DVD’s at the mall.

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To success!

By James Ball

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