Google AdWords Does Work

Yes, Google Adwords created instant leads

Just a short post about Google Adwords.  Did you ever receive one of those promotions from Google Adwords?  Adwords Successful WomanI have been using  AdSense for a while and I received a $100 gift card from Google to try out AdWords.  It sat around on my desk for some time and I discovered it was ready to expire in a couple days.  I’ve heard about Adwords since I started blogging, but never used it.

I decided it would be a waste to let the card expire, so I signed up.  I read some of the tips and suggestions that were offered on the site and I began playing with keywords.  No major engineering, just a few words.  I made up a simple ad that would open my capture page.  I selected a budget of $10 per day.  In my first 7 days I obtained 68 clicks on my capture page!

Try Google Adwords

Now for some of you that might not sound like a lot, and the cost per click (CPC) might be higher than you’d like to pay.  I was floored with the results.  So, don’t let those Google promotions go to waste.  Thanks Google, I’m now a believer.

Note:  I have since had my Google Adwords account suspended, as have many Internet marketers.  Make sure you carefully follow thier guidelines. 

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To success!

By James Ball

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