Using Special Characters

The use of special characters (!, #, $, %…) are often overlooked by computers users.  We know that they can be used in computer passwords to make them harder to guess, like  W$cb14#B  (no, that’s not my password).  Some accounts may not allow them at all and some may even require the use of them in your password.

In most computer applications, common special characters and numerals are sorted (or take priority) above regular alphabetic characters.  For example, “5travel” will sort above the word “travel” and using “1travel”, “2travel”, “3travel” will sort in numerical order.  With special characters, the words “!travel” or “$travel”  will sort even above the  numerical words.

I use special characters for sorting my browser Favorites or bookmarks, so I don’t have to scroll down the list for the ones I use most.

Special Character FavoritesI also use special characters for sorting my mail client folders.  My Google Gmail account works especially well with the use of Gmail labels. Special Character Gmail Labels

Now while there are many uses for special characters, you may be wondering what this has to do with Internet marketing.  If you are doing Internet marketing, you already know that time is so precious.  If you are working a full time job or have family to attend to, you only have a few hours in the day to make your business succeed.  If you really want to succeed, every single minute or even every second that you can save in your daily routine equals MONEY.

The uses of special characters are endless.  I use them in my contact lists, auto responders, password lists, to-do lists, campaign lists, and data capturing programs like Evernote (Free).  Remember, time equals money!

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By James Ball

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