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I’ve been a coin collector for 40 years and like many, I buy coins as a hobby.  I enjoy collecting cool coins and adding to my collection.  If they happen to increase in value, that’s great, but it’s not why I collect them.

I disagree that a coin will not increase in value based on metal value.  With gold or silver coins there is a collector value and a built in metal value.  A Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver.  Let’s say the collector value is $50 based on it’s date and condition, irregardless of the silver value.   IF, and I say IF (for example only), the silver value increased to $500/oz, the coin could be worth $50 (collector value)+$450 (90% silver value)=$500.  If silver decreased to $1/oz it would still maintain it’s collector value…

People buy collectible coins because they enjoy looking at them.  Similar to a stamp collector.  We collectors want to have every coin made (denomination, date, mint, etc).  The better the condition, like a certified perfect MS70, the more pride with our collection.

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By James Ball USA
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