Crossing The Street With My Eyes Closed

Yes, crossing the street with my eyes closed made me appreciate all that I have. . . . → Read More: Crossing The Street With My Eyes Closed

Authority To Blog

Today I’m going to discuss something that inhibits many network marketers. Whether working online or offline you are faced with questions from prospects and you may feel unsure of yourself. You may want to write blogs, but you ask yourself why would anyone read my blogs.

If you have studied even the basics of attraction . . . → Read More: Authority To Blog

I Want More Money

When talking to prospects about your network marketing business, I’d venture to guess that most people say that they want more money. Yes, don’t we all want more money.

Is the real answer just more money or is the real answer deeper than that?

I learned in a popular attraction marketing course that a home . . . → Read More: I Want More Money

What do the wealthy do with thier money?

I know this short post doesn’t sound anything like Internet marketing tips, but if you are a network marketer (or anyone) making good money you might be wondering what to do with it.

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Stock market crashes, deflation, hyper-inflation, wars, demonstrations… what does it all mean to . . . → Read More: What do the wealthy do with thier money?