MLM is not working

“My MLM is not working for me”

This is a common statement made by people joining an MLM (also known as network marketing).  They were looking for more money or they were looking for a way to quit their job.  Somewhere along the recruitment stage they got the idea that no work was involved.   This could be the fault of their recruiter or up-line trying to make a quick sign-up by telling them how easy it would be, or they just thought it was a get rich quick scam.It's not working

There is no get rich quick or “magic bullet” in MLM.  You do have to work.  You do have to work hard if you want to make a substantial income.  Most people don’t make it in MLM.  Usually they give up in a few months or even weeks.

The most popular and most successful marketers engage their “warm market”.  This means calling friends and family, going to meet-ups, social gatherings and making new friends all the time.  You can also use the Internet for marketing by making new friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other mediums.  It also means learning how to make a blog and posting regularly.  If your MLM is not working you need to make sure you are attending company events, attending training courses, and investing in books or digital training material.

Treat it as a business

If you are really serious about your MLM business you need to treat it as a business, and not a hobby.  At least in the beginning, you need to spend every free minute you have in the day working on your business.  That may mean not watching you favorite TV shows, not fishing, not hunting, not shopping for hours in the mall, and not sleeping more than absolutely necessary.

You need to find a leader in your niche who is producing results and follow them (it may very likely not be your own up-line). Study everything you can and buy their training products… after all it is working for them isn’t it?

Work is involved

If your MLM is not working you need to do some soul-searching and stop blaming the person who signed you up.  You cannot just sit on the couch and expect money to start flowing in without working.  Yes it means work is involved, a lot of it.

But, it sure beats working 40-60 hour weeks at a JOB!

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By James Ball USA


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