7 Tips For Blogging

7 Tips For Blogging

In my previous blog, Tools and Resources For Network Marketers, I listed 7 tips to help increase your blog’s popularity. Remember that your blog is the hub of your Internet marketing business.  All roads lead to your blog.  All social media sites, your business card, and your conversations with people lead to your blog.3D Calendar

Without getting too technical, the more popular your blog becomes, the higher it will rank in the search engines.  Ideally when people search for keywords in your blog, you want your blog to display in the first page of the search results.  That’s your goal.

I’m going to expand on 2 of those 7 tips from my previous blog post.  I will cover the remainders next time.

1. Blog every day or at least 5 times per week

There are two reasons for this.  First, what happens when people visit your blog?

  • They will not like what they see and will never come back.
  • They will bookmark your blog because they think your blog has something of value for them.
  • Ideally they might even decide to opt-in to your autoresponder.

If they do return to your blog, you don’t want them to see the same stale blog post that was there days, weeks, or months ago.  You want them to see fresh posts with new and interesting stories, news, or how-to tips.  Your goal is to gather their details for your autoresponder list.  This might not happen on their first visit.  It might take several visits for them to trust and see the value you have in your opt-in offer.

So, keep your blog fresh and full of interesting content to keep them coming back.

The Second reason to blog often is that it’s a well-known fact that search engines also love fresh content.  An active blog with lots of visitors indicates that the blog must be trusted, relevant, and offer what the visitors are looking for.

While it’s best to blog every day, if you have religious or other reasons not to work on certain days, then don’t blog that day.

Steak on BBQ2. Blog with a purpose

Remember to make every blog post count.  By that I mean that there is a purpose for the post and not just writing to be writing.  There’s nothing wrong with posting about the nice weather outside and that you had a great family BBQ.  Even better, include a photo or two in your post, as long as the post has a purpose.

In this example, you might conclude the post with how nice it is to work from home and have time with your family and weekends off.  Maybe you had to work every weekend in your previous job and missed all the family get together parties.  Now you are relating to the “pain” that they also have.

You then want to lead into your business and how they too can enjoy time off by joining you or perhaps buying your product or service.  Always post with a purpose.

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By James Ball USA


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