Blogging and your targeted market

Who is your targeted market?

I recently purchased a fantastic training course on blogging from one of the industry leaders, Ray Higdon.  I would like to share some tips with you.

Target with arrowsIf you are an Internet marketer, you are probably blogging about your products or services.  You are hoping that people will read your blog, opt in to your mailing list, and eventually buy something.

Have you ever given careful thought, who are these people that you hope will buy from you?  Who is your target market;  men, women, kids, teachers, fishermen, cowboys?  Blogging to anyone is fine for a personal blog, but when it’s business we need to define our target market.  We need to plan out what we are going to say in our blogs.

If you are a contractor selling swimming pools, you want to be blogging to home owners, but more specifically landscaping.  If your product is baby formulas, you want to target moms, mom’s with babies.  My niche is network marketing, but more specifically network marketers using the Internet to promote their opportunity.

Who are you writing to?

Before you start writing your blog post, stop and think who is this ideal person that you are writing to.  Put yourself in their shoes and decide if that person reads this blog right now would it be something that will help solve their problem?  Does your post contain relevent information that they would be searching for?    Will it be something of value that will entice them to keep reading and coming back for more?

If you are up against a wall wondering what that person wants, determine what material they like to read or where they hang out.  In magazines or websites, what information is being published, what questions are being asked, what problems are being solved.  Go to where they might hang out to come up with blog post ideas.   For example, contractors and home owners will go to home improvement shows.  Those people interested in health and wellness will always find numerous shows and events going on every weekend.

Three key points for your blog post

1.  Determine your target market

2.  Address their problems or needs

3.  Attempt to solve those problems and needs

Write every blog post with those keys points in mind.


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By James Ball USA


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