Tools and Resources For Network Marketers

Tools and Resources For Network Marketers

Have you ever heard someone say “ha, that’s a pyramid” or “network marketing doesn’t work”?  Yes, they have a bad opinion for some reason.  Maybe a friend or family member failed in the business.  Or perhaps they tried it and it didn’t work for them.Human Pyramid Image

Network marketing is not a get rich quick scam, it’s a real business.  You sell products and you recruit business partners.  Look at real estate brokers who sell houses and recruit sales people who make commissions.  A similar concept is car manufacturers who partner with dealerships, who hire sales, service, and parts people who make commissions.

Some people join network marketing thinking that once they sign the dotted line they can sit back and the money will start rolling in.  To their dismay a month later nothing has happened.  They might blame the company, the product, or their up line.

Some who join a network marketing company may have had lots of previous experience with this kind of business and flourish right out of the gate.  Some may be business professionals or sales gurus who just have that natural-born talent of attracting people.  All their friends and family follow them like sheep, even if they were selling sand.

Tools and Resources

Tools ImageThe rest of us need training, tools and resources.  A new auto mechanic doesn’t just run out and start working on a new hybrid engine without proper training and tools for that specific car.  Most MLM companies offer some sort of training material, classes, or events.  My advice is to soak up all of it you possibly can and as quickly as possible.

If your company allows you to market on the Internet, then you might need 3rd party tools and training. You will need help to set up a domain for your website, discover what plugin works best on your blog, set up an auto responder, and of course how to write compelling blog content that visitors will read.  You also might need help that your up line doesn’t provide, especially if they are not proficient with online marketing.

Never Get Enough Training

Even though I’ve been in Internet marketing for some time, I still purchase training products to help me with my blogs and marketing.  I can never get enough training.  One thing that seems consistent with almost every online marketing leader is that Internet marketers should blog every day to build up their rankings and readership.

Wait, that’s not so easy, even I don’t do that consistently.  A recent training course I purchased prompted me to write a blog post about,  what to blog about.  It’s really not that hard once you learn the secrets.

Blog Every Day

So here are a few tips in increasing your blog’s popularity.

1.  Blog every day, or at least 5 times per week

2.  Blog with a purpose

3.  Use a post title that will catch attention

4.  Use heading tags (h1, h2, etc)

5.  Break up your content into shorter easy to read paragraphs

6.  Use eye-catching photos or videos

7.  Have a call to action on each post

7+.  Include your name, a photo, and how to contact you

I will write about each of these points in upcoming blog posts, so be sure to sign up for my mailing list today.

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By James Ball USA


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