What is the 90 day blitz?

Annual Convention

Last week I attended our annual company convention in beautiful Orlando Florida.  Of course it was awesome and a reminder that everyone should always attend their company conventions.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say their company convention was not worth the time and money.

There were numerous company announcements made, speeches from the company owners, and motivating training sessions from the leaders in the company.  There were also speeches by average members who all of a sudden had success and hearing their story is always so inspiring.

So what is the 90 day blitz?

The 90 day blitz will discover who the real leaders and performers are in the company.  For 90 days there is an all out effort to sell products and find leaders.

So the 90 day blitz is committing ourselves to make it happen!  IF we are full-time that means 16 hour days 6 days per week or part-time 8 hour days 6 days per week.  Yes, that gives you one day a week to recoup and be with family and friends.  But remember, this is not a permanent thing, it’s 90 days.

Part-time or Full-time

Yes, if you are working and doing the business part-time you spend 8 hours after or before work, on lunch breaks, etc.  It means telling your family that you are on a 90 day mission to change their lives.  Ask them to bear with you.

Cut out TV, movies, car shows, Monday night football… whatever it takes to spend every possible minute of your day on the business.  It means making phone calls with warm market and cold markets, writing daily blogs, going to places where your primary objective is to meet people and share the business.

Do your very best!

It means limiting your training info products to one hour per day.  Limiting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  If you absolutely can’t put in these hours, DO YOUR VERY BEST!  Did you ever see the movie “Facing The Giants”?  Be honest with yourself, it’s your future, do your very best…

The concept is that not everyone can easily sustain a 2-5 year approach to becoming successful, but most anyone can stand on the floor for 90 days.  A sprint to the finish line, where the finish line is your future that may get you out of the hole you are now in.

What do you think?

Oh, I almost forgot.  I’ll leave you with a question. If you joined the team and followed this plan, in passing gear for 90 days, do you think you could become succesful?  It is hard to answer no isn’t it?  Do you think that you would find even one person who gets it?   If you stood on it for 90 days?

With that comes the compensation plan commissions, and product bonuses.  With it comes your future…

By the way, I wrote a blog last year about attending company conventions here.

Another “by the way”…  how about applying this 90 day concept to any part of your life?

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By James Ball USA


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