Network Marketing Training

Network  Marketing Training

Many people who sign up for direct sales or network marketing have no previous experience with this type of business model.  Often times they are “sold” on the idea of get rich quick.  They sign up, receive their starter kits, blast e-mails out to all their family and friends and then wait a few days for the money to start rolling in.

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After a few weeks go by they wonder why they are not yet rich.  Sometimes without one single person signing up for their business.  If they are lucky, they have a well-trained professional up-line who can help them succeed.  I’m willing to bet this is often not the case.  Their up-line may also have no clue how to sponsor as well.

Like any new job, you need training, network marketing training.  I’m going to give you my tip for the day, especially for brand new network marketers.  This is one of the most important training tips you can take away.

Do not blast e-mails

Upon joining your business do not copy all your contacts into an e-mail group and blast them all with news about your new home business.  Even worse, blasting a 5,000 word e-mail with all the infinite details of the business.  Let me repeat, don’t do that!

Yes, your company and up-line have probably told you to contact your warm market first.  That is very good advice, but there are ways to do it.  Don’t blow off your warm market!

Suppose you have people whom you have not seen or spoke with in years.  All of a sudden they get this e-mail from you, “Hey John, long time no see.  I just joined this new home business and I’m going to be rich in 30 days.  Click on my company replicated website link and join today.  See you at the top!, Bill”

How would you respond getting an e-mail like that?  Sounds like spam that you hate and delete, doesn’t it?

Warm market tips

Instead, how about calling John or e-mailing him and mention that’s it’s been a long time, let’s get together for coffee sometime.  If you meet up don’t even mention your new business deal at first!  Don’t you dare pass him a business card.

  • Dress the part, look like you are doing well (without over doing it).
  • Talk and get acquainted again
  • Ask about his family, kids, girlfriend, car, etc.
  • Listen for his pains in life (money issues, kids in college, just laid off, etc)
  • Ask him about his job or what he’s up to now.
  • Guess what, he will eventually ask you what you are doing.

Now, here we go again about network marketing training.  You’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for him to ask about what you are doing.  Don’t jump up and toss-up all over him that it’s a ground floor opportunity, the best chocolate cookie made from special plants in the bottom of the ocean, and the best comp plan ever, etc, etc, etc.

So what should you say?

I’ll confess, I did all those things above that I told you not to do.  It didn’t work.  I now know better.  Here’s my secret.

Sign up here for my FREE video training archive from the top leaders in the MLM industry.  You’ll discover how to answer John’s question.  You’ll also be on my mailing list for FREE training webinars on everything from how to get online leads, Facebook PPC, blog SEO, You Tube marketing, and much more…  FREE

You can’t do this alone.  You need network marketing training to succeed.

How to respond

OK, I don’t want to leave you hanging.  When John asks what you do for a living, you tell him that you recently joined a home business.  You might chuckle a little and say I think it’s my ticket to quit my 9-5 job.  He certainly will ask what is it.  You tell him you’ve got an appointment in 30 minutes and got to run, but you’ll send him a link to your website or landng page.  Ask him to take a look at it and also ask what’s a good time to call him the next day, or even that night.

Now you are ready to move on.  Again, here’s the link for your FREE training.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

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By James Ball USA


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