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Blog Content Ideas When You Are Stuck

Yellow roseIf you are a blogger like me, you often get stuck and end up not writing for days. Sometimes you’re not in the mood, or just can’t think of anything to write about.

Well, it’s not really that there is nothing to write about, I guess it’s called writer’s block.

I write about online marketing. I often have to go back to the basics and determine what am I writing about. I’m writing for online marketers who have a question or issue. What is their pain? The answer is to solve their pain. That’s the purpose of my blog.

I’ve spent thousands in online courses and training events with industry leaders. I always take notes, so I always have content that I can use, and expand upon in my own words.

So it’s not that there is nothing to write about. It’s just finding the right gear and go. Since I am home most of the day, I go out 3-4 times a day for a walk or drive to a store. Sometimes just drive around.

If you are stuck in a writer’s block, move away from it for a short while. Get your mind on something else. Don’t punish yourself for not writing as you then get depressed and become even further blocked.

Hey, sometimes I’ll see, hear, or smell something that stimulates new ideas. I always have my smart phone with me to dictate or write notes when I come up with spur of the moment ideas. If I don’t record them I’ll surely forget them by the time I get home.

So, if you are stuck right now, go out and “smell the roses” for a while.
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