What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder for your list

Mail lettersAn autoresponder is a software marketing tool. It’s purpose is to help build and keep in contact with your list, your list of prospects and customers.  It’s a program that automatically sends out prewritten e-mails to one or many clients.
Used in online marketing, the autorepsonder captures a name and e-mail address when people opt-in to web forms. The autoresponder may immediately send them a thank you message or in some cases link them to a download like an e-book or video.  Their details are now kept in a database.

Follow up messages

The autoresponder may send out pre-written follow up messages on a prearranged sequence of days and times. These follow up messages may offer valuable content, such as an invitation to a webinar, or a sales offer.
Custom messages or newsletters can be send out at any time.
Of course it keeps statistics on how many respondents opened the e-mails and other valuable details.

Autoresponders are used not only by online marketers, but real estate professionals, car dealers, organizations, and you name it.

E-mail laws

There are laws concerning e-mail spam and each country may have it’s own. Generally you need to get the person’s permission before sending them commercial messages. Sending unsolicited e-mail is considered spam.
The best way is to set up an autoresponder to require an additional opt-in page, where the respondent receives an e-mail asking them for permission to send them content. Always there should be a link for the respondent to opt-out and stop receiving e-mails.

Which autoresponder

There are many autoresponder programs to choose from ranging from free to quite expensive.

I have experience and would also recommend two very popular systems Aweber and GetResponse.
Both have free trials (at the time of this writing).

Disclaimer: I may receive commissions on the sale of these suggested programs.

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