Negative people in your prospecting

How to handle negative people

Thumbs down negativeI just got off a training video regarding “active prospecting.”  Let me share what I learned.  Active prospecting is when you are face to face (or on the phone) with a prospect.  You are presenting your opportunity and showing them why they should join you, and how it will help them.  Most of the people you talk with are going to say no to your business opportunity.  Get used to that.

The key to successful prospecting is presenting to more people.  The more exposures you get to your business, the more chance a small percentage will love what you have to offer.  If you prospect two people a day do you think you will have greater success? Certainly better chances than two a month or only two a year…

They are not interested

The question always comes up, what should you say if they are not interested?  They might call your opportunity a scam, a pyramid, or even worse.  OK, so they are not interested, but how do you convince a negative person?  Take a step back and don’t try to SELL them.  There’s a million reasons they may not be open to a home business at this time.  Be polite, understand their feelings, and leave your contact information.  There’s always a possibility that they may contact you in the future and ask, “hey are you still in that business deal?”

Some people might get quite upset with you, the pushy salesman syndrome.  Were you pushy?  Do you think that it could have been your approach to cause them to feel “threatened.”  Perhaps they are just not the kind of person you would want working with you anyway.

Don’t try to convince them, just thank them for their time and move on.  Next, next, next…
You don’t want negative people on your team anyway, do you?  These are the ones that are always complaining that it’s not working.  Don’t try to convince them.  Even if they somehow join you, there’s a good chance they will soon quit.

Your team

Who do you want on your team?  Do you want negative people, or positive people who are trainable and willing to put out their best effort.  Just joining your business is not the only thing you want.  You want them to buy your affiliate products or even your own products, where you make commissions.
If it took weeks of convincing that negative person to join you, imagine trying to interest them in other products.  They may say, “Oh, it figures, now you are trying to sell me something else.”

Don’t try to convince negative people.  Just find out if they are open and then present your product and opportunity.  I always think of the person who goes into a new car dealer to buy a yellow Camaro.  A yellow Camaro is their dream car.  The pushy sales person “convinces” them to buy a white Camaro.  They will always regret buying the car they didn’t want.  Lead your prospects to the door, but don’t drag them in.

Don’t appear desperate

The more you push, the more you look desperate. You don’t want to look desperate. You don’t want the prospect to think they also have to be a desperate and pushy sales person.

When prospecting negative people… just move along if they are not interested.

This of course is my opinion. Just trying to save you time and effort.

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