Three Building Blocks For Online Business

Online Business

Building blocksWhen starting an online business you need to address three building blocks for success.

Attraction Marketing
Your niche

Attraction Marketing

Provide value and solve problems by creating content that serves your prospect or customer.
Content can be social media posts, blog posts, articles, and videos. Attract prospects to you, instead of you chasing them.  Blasting your company link does not provoke interest.  More on that in related posts below.


People buy from brands and people they trust and respect.  You must build “you” as the brand that your prospects and customers will trust and look to as an authority.  They will want to buy from you rather than an unknown.  You become the “go to person” for their needs (solving problems, encouragement, etc).  Brand you instead of your company because you may not always be with that company!  Yes, it’s possible…

Your niche (your business)

Your list of prospects and customers is your business.  Your list is your asset for the niche you have chosen.   People have subscribed to your list (database) through e-mail or web site opt-in forms.  You own this list, just as you own your own self-hosted blog.  Trying to sell off social media you do not own is not stable as it may cancel at any time.  Your list is the tool you use to contact your customers and sell products or services.

So, use attraction marketing to build your list.  Work on branding you to your list.  Nurture and build your list.

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